SiteCompli Retail

Interaction Design, User Research, IA

SiteCompli Retail is a SASS product built to allow retail organizations to centrally monitor and manage their compliance issues nation wide. The platform also provides insights into local laws to help eliminate confusion when resolving open issues.
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Research & Analysis

In retail organizations, the individuals who are typically responsible for resolving municipal compliance issues are called Facility Managers. We spoke to a number of Facility Managers who are current users of SiteCompli’s NYC monitoring platform to get an understanding of how their organizations viewed compliance outside of NYC and what problems they were facing elsewhere.

Based on those initial conversations, our product team put together an interview script to dig further into the problems they experience. These conversations were also used to get a better understanding of each client’s organizational structure and their internal processes for managing compliance related issues. Members of the product team and representatives from other teams in the company would also observe the interviews. Afterwards, we’d reflect as a group on what we heard during the interviews and discuss any recurring themes or new insights. Based on the data collected from the interviews, we created personas and user flows to represent the primary users and interactions the platform would need to support.


A key experience on the platform is providing clear instruction on how to resolve a compliance issue. To do this, we needed a CMS where our compliance experts could create content that clearly guided users through different issues. Conversations are held regularly with this team to understand the myriad of ways that compliance issues work, so we can provide them with the best tools to manage the details around different municipal issues that need to be tracked in the system.