Paltalk Web App

Interaction Design, IA

Paltalk is a video chat room platform. Users of Paltalk create or join chat rooms on various topics, so they can interact with thousands of people across the globe. Originally a desktop app on Windows, I was design lead on a project to transition it to a cross-platform browser app. Responsibilities included simplifying the user experience and updating the visual style to match the newly re-designed Paltalk iOS and Android apps.

In the new design we made a few big changes. 
First, we removed the Video Cam Dock and instead allowed the videos to be placed anywhere within the chat stream by dragging and dropping them (a design paradigm that was borrowed from the Paltalk mobile apps). This freed up additional vertical space in the chat room, so we were able to include avatars next to usernames. 

Through research we found that readability of text could be improved by using a width relative to the size of font, so the width of a line of text in the chat stream was restricted to a max-width of 400px. Because of this there was now a dedicated area of white space on the right of the chat stream, which was used as the default position for newly opened video cams.

Other features that were added:

  • - @ mentioning users in the chat stream

  • - Consolidated media button for adding stickers, emoji and media to the chat stream

  • - Search in the Members List

  • - Members List filters